Friday, April 29, 2011

An Impromptu Question For Brandon Mull. Yahoo!

Brandon Mull and LC Piper
 I received a last minute tweet that Brandon Mull was going to be at the BYU bookstore today (4/29/2011) at 5:15, coincidentally we were visiting Provo. So unprepared and without a book to sign I went shamelessly to ask a writing question.
Gracious as ever he took a moment to answer. Here's how it went.

Do you outline your stories and if so how do you do it? (Insert incomplete sentences, mumbling and stutters here.)

Brandon: We'll actually I think about my stories for a long time. Then when the movie is complete in my head I start writing it. I do write things down just before I start, but it's all worked out before I begin. Outlined in my head.

That of course isn't a verbatim quote.

Brandon, thank you for your time in line.  To all those behind me in line.  Thank you for waiting so patiently!  It was just one question.  :-)
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