Thursday, April 14, 2011

Aprilynne Pike Interview and Questions

Interview and questions with Aprilynne Pike, author of Wings.

It was superfun (new word!) and I hope you all join in on the next call.  Wednesday, April 27th. 7pm MDT.
Farland's Authors' Advisory Conference Calls (link here) hosts an original and rare opportunity for you to meet, listen and ask professional authors questions live from anywhere in the world that you can get your hands on a phone.

Aprilynne Pike
 Last night I joined in for the first time live and was given the opportunity to ask Aprilynne Pike several questions of my own.  Listen to it here.
Being that I was slightly less nervous than the others on the line, I had the fortune to ask several.  No points for my performance, but Aprilynne answered them all. 

She spoke primarily on Outlines, which was unbelievably perfect as I've decided that I won't proceed onto my third novel until after I've fully outlined it.  And this time I really mean it!  Currently the Snowflake method, which is actually simple, just isn't working for me.  The method she shared with us was so simple and as of tomorrow morning I'll be starting over just to give it a try.  I won't try to explain it at this time, but give the call a listen and hear a #1 New York Times Best Selling Author explain how she outlines her stories.

I will say that the method is visual and that visual works for me.

Aprilynne also discussed inciting incident, turning points, plot points, sub plots, emotional stakes, love triangles and other elements that are a part of or heavily tie into the outline.

I've listened to all the calls posted on Farland's Authors' Advisory Conference Calls and they are priceless.  If you're an aspiring writer, you need to listen to all of these.  After finding out about the calls I passed up the opportunity for listening to two calls live.  I hope to not make that mistake again.  Join in the fun and ask a few questions.

***Also, for an undetermined length of time you can get Wings (Aprilynne's Debut Novel) for free on Amazon, B&N, Kobo and Sony.  Check that out here, but act fast, this is a limited time thing.  It's my opinion that even if you don't have the time to read it now, or don't have an e-reader now you can still get it and read on-line until you do, then it can port over to your device when you get one.

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