Monday, May 2, 2011

The New Cool, A Book Review - Giveaway coming soon.

Hi everyone,

I thought I'd share with you a book review I've completed about a book I've just finished reading.
I enjoyed this book.  I hope you will also.  Thanks go to the Crown Publishing Group for providing an additional copy for me to give away!
Check back soon for my first book giveaway and win a new copy of The New Cool.

The New Cool by Neal Bascomb.

Written within is a clever story about the Amir and his attempt to change the lives of children at a key place in their education. The book was well written and read easily with professional skill. The voice is clean and smooth.

I found the flow of the book irregular as it frequently jumped a narrative POV from one focused character to the next. If I wasn't expecting it, as I wasn't frequently at the beginning, then it was a bit confusing. However later in the book I became familiar with the pattern and have to admit it was done well and added to the stories interest. Other readers may find this style more natural than I did.

I won't spoil the story for you, but as the title and jacket copy explain this story is about how Amir fought to create a New Cool. Learning and problem solving became key to his students as they prepared their graduating projects to compete in the FIRST contest. Where teams prepared robots in advance to compete a puzzle contest and defeat other teams robots.

The read was interesting and educational. It was eye opening and I found particular interest in it because I've heard of the competition before. The book makes for a good casual read that’s easy to read in bits. It isn't however gripping and I felt it too easy to put down. For those who share interest in technology and problem solving you'll find a good read and an enlightening story in The New Cool by Neal Bascomb.

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