Sunday, November 13, 2011

Alloy of Law Launch

If you're a fan of Brandon Sanderson, you probably already know about his latest release Alloy of Law.

It came out early last week and as usual he held the launch party at the BYU bookstore.  I had to go!

Unfortunately I couldn't camp out early (what turned out to be a full week in advance) to get a single digit number so I picked up a number by 7:30 am the morning before.  It was 104.  I actually got book #204 because books numbered 101 - 200 were being held for his next signing in another city.

Brandon's book launch parties are very fun and fan-dom rich.  It proves for an interesting and sometimes odd night.  This one was no exception.  This time because the book store choose a better layout, I managed to get video of the Q&A.  I decided to edit it and post the video up for everyone to see if they wished.  I broke it up into 5 posts to keep it YouTube friendly.

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Details are linked here!

Here they are: