Monday, February 18, 2013

Awe.... gee! Oh well.

The results are in. Sadly I didn't win the Writing Excuses Retreat scholarship. It's alright. There were over 70 qualified applicants, at least the opportunity was there and someone is going to get the writing experience of a lifetime.

I'm nearing the end of scene's I'm adding to Zombie Wife. It's still short of where I think it should be. Draft 1 will clock in under 57,000. After my first revision it may still be under 60,000. Feels weird to write something so small. That said, it will be great to get another novel under my belt and start in with some more experience into my next novel.

I haven't decided what to write next. I'm very tempted to write Monster in the Woods, but it's possible that the story concept may need to be heavily revised.  Also I've been playing with another story concept that I can call Desert Sands for now. It's got some really interesting world building, magic systems. It's the least developed of the two, but I've been chewing on it for as long as I have been for Monster in the Woods.  We'll see what comes of this after I've wrapped up revisions on Zombie Wife.

Just a small update.  ;-)