Saturday, May 21, 2011

Relentless Persistence

I'm completely convinced that anything is possible with relentless persistence.  A person who persists while exercising the humanistic properties of learning and growing is bound to achieve any goal regardless of it's lofty level.  Only death or abandonment can stay humanity from a goal and even then depending on your perspective death is merely a temporary set back.  It's the quiting or abandoning a goal that makes a dream.

I recently heard an accomplished musician speak to me about skills and talents.  She spoke of singing masterfully as a skill that anyone could accomplish with enough effort and persistence.  Her point was that those with a natural born or inherited talent would learn more quickly and with greater ease, but anyone could develop the talent/skill with enough work.

I remember a talk I watched of Bob Proctor.  If you don't know the man or his teaching I highly recommend him.  I think everyone can learn from him.  One thing he spoke of is that everything mankind has learned and will learn has always existed.  Regardless of your belief in god or a higher power this must be true.  For example he said that the Internet and it's technology always existed, however we had not yet discovered it.  Man did not invent electricity or the laws by which it is governed.  This has always existed, it's just that through our persistence we discover these things.  We learn and grow.  We have always learned and grown.  We've have had our speed bumps, set backs and other 'dark ages', but we've never given up.  As a whole humanity has grown to what we are today.

I'm willing to say that if humanity can constantly learn and grow and accomplish great things, then so can I.  In terms of achieving something grand in scope in my life, such as becoming a full time author who can earn an excellent living for my family through writing, then I too can follow this human pattern if I choose to exert myself.

So, did humanity have set backs.  Yes.  Did humanity achieve greatness over night?  No. 

I also can not expect over night exceptional success.  However when humanity exercised wisdom, peace, and what I would call good old American (Memorial Weekend is coming up) Relentless Persistence, then they did grow, develop in leaps and bounds in such small periods of time.  Personally I'd add righteousness and the hand of god in blessings and fruitfulness, but regardless the facts are there to prove it.  I am not so genetically superior to my progenitors that I have greater potential to success, but I will because of the success of my ancestors and my personal dedication.

So I say to you:  Regardless to the immensity of your personal dreams.  Make them a goal and pursue that goal with a Relentless Persistence and one day that dream you had will be your reality.

The difference between a dream and a goal and then achieving the dream lies in quantifying the steps (goals) that it will take to reach your dream and then following the plan by acting upon them.  If you don't give up, you will succeed.

No matter your set backs or personal failures.  Don't give up.

Monday, May 9, 2011

A Charming Afternoon with My Boys and Aprilynne Pike

Saturday I took the boys out for a meet the author at The Kings English, a local independent bookstore.  Normally I go on my own to these things, but I'd been missing the little guys all week and mom needed a good pre-mothers day nap time.  So off we went.

The Kings English is located in a residential neighborhood south of Salt Lake City.  It's part of a small smattering of businesses.  If you haven't visited yet I suggest that you do.  The shop is full of charm and is anything but ordinary.  The store is built on different levels and rooms and is very fun just to be in.

LC Piper and Aprilynne Pike
Aprilynne is a New York Times best selling novelist.  She's written Wings, Spells and Illusions.
Aprilynne's reading and Q and A was held in the stores largest space which was very cramped even with only about 30 people visiting for the signing.  It didn't seem to bother anyone and we all enjoyed her company.  She spoke about her writing and the upcoming novels. She also commented briefly on her new series she has started as book 4, following illusions sometime in 2012, will be the last in the series. 

One of the questions answered that I like the best was about outlining.  She explained that she does outline.  Her plot points (in detail on this post linked here) are often just three words, but she adheres to her plot firmly and her characters have free range within those plot points. 

It was funny that there was so little space at the Q&A that the children sitting on the floor in front of the chairs very nearly came to Aprilynne's feet. 

When we met with her in line for signings my boys both had comments for her and were very proud to point out that dad was a writer also.  (Unprompted.)  She even gave them bookmarks and three temporary tattoo's to give to mom holding down the fort at home.  Mom was, of course, thrilled with the gift and is excited to meet her June 4th in Provo, Utah at the Utah Festival of Books.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

The New Cool Giveaway!

The New Cool by Neal Bascomb
Here it is, my first giveaway.  Courtesy of The Crown Publishing Group I'm pleased to provide this excellent book giveaway.  Crown recently sent me a copy for review, but they also gave me an additional copy to giveaway... how cool is that?!

I'm keeping this real simple.  Anyone in the US or Canada may enter.  The entry points are below.  It will run till May 31st, 2011.  During that time just post a comment with your total points.  Updates are welcome, just submit the form again with the new points you've earned.
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  • Post at least one comment.  1 point.
  • Share a link to the giveaway out on Facebook.  1 point.
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Click here to submit the form.

6/3/2011... A winner has been announced.... click here for details.

Monday, May 2, 2011

The New Cool, A Book Review - Giveaway coming soon.

Hi everyone,

I thought I'd share with you a book review I've completed about a book I've just finished reading.
I enjoyed this book.  I hope you will also.  Thanks go to the Crown Publishing Group for providing an additional copy for me to give away!
Check back soon for my first book giveaway and win a new copy of The New Cool.

The New Cool by Neal Bascomb.

Written within is a clever story about the Amir and his attempt to change the lives of children at a key place in their education. The book was well written and read easily with professional skill. The voice is clean and smooth.

I found the flow of the book irregular as it frequently jumped a narrative POV from one focused character to the next. If I wasn't expecting it, as I wasn't frequently at the beginning, then it was a bit confusing. However later in the book I became familiar with the pattern and have to admit it was done well and added to the stories interest. Other readers may find this style more natural than I did.

I won't spoil the story for you, but as the title and jacket copy explain this story is about how Amir fought to create a New Cool. Learning and problem solving became key to his students as they prepared their graduating projects to compete in the FIRST contest. Where teams prepared robots in advance to compete a puzzle contest and defeat other teams robots.

The read was interesting and educational. It was eye opening and I found particular interest in it because I've heard of the competition before. The book makes for a good casual read that’s easy to read in bits. It isn't however gripping and I felt it too easy to put down. For those who share interest in technology and problem solving you'll find a good read and an enlightening story in The New Cool by Neal Bascomb.