Saturday, April 2, 2011

Balance In All Things

It's time to talk opposition.

Understand it's a part of the fight. If you don't have it, you're probably not doing something right. Opposition to your efforts of goodness is your verification you're on the right path. If you have absolutely no opposition, you're probably not pointed the correct direction. Re-align.

Really at this point you just need to know it's there.  To be able to recognize it.
You'll see external opposition.  That's where it comes from sources other than you.  Then there is the internal type.  Which is pretty obvious, because that's you baby!

The external is pretty easy to deal with.  You recognize it, examine (study) it, develop a plan to over come it, then execute.  Off with it's head!

Internal is more challenging.  Every step is the same, only it's more difficult.  Recognizing could be a big snag.  It was for me.  In general there's a little voice in my head that tells me I'm a poser and only super scholarly types (which I'm not) or complete geeky wanna be's (which I'd rather not admit) are writers.  So how could overage Joe Me be a writer.  Maybe even a really good writer... you'd best stop now.
I've discovered that when I'm procrastinating; you know like writing a tweet, Face Book Update or a blog entry I'm having issues recognizing this internal opposition.
Does this mean I have multiple personalities.  Well yeah, maybe it does to a small degree.  That self degrading put-downer guy is speaking too loudly.  Hey, self bully Bif, where are you when I need you?  Go sock him in the face to get him to shut up.
Now, that's better.

The one surefire thing I can do to overcome opposition to my writing, is to do it anyway.  Where's that Jessie James internal self... there he is.  Rebel with a cause, this way please.  If you try to stop me, I'll just do it anyway.  In secret.  Hiding down in the laundry room, or on my lunch break when I should be in the gym doing bench presses. 

Yeah, that's me the guy who is pretentious and thinks that one day if he doesn't give up he'll be a published author.  He's a real goober and thinks that complete strangers will read his words and say, hey, that's pretty good.  What else does he have?

Hey put-downer, didn't I just have Bif over there sock you one?  Back off!  You can come out when it's time to do the chores.

I first saw this on the wall of a police officers
cubicle in my home town's police department. 
Anyway, it's got to be true.  If you don't quit, then you can't fail.  The harder you work at it, the faster it will come.  So, I'm not going to quit.  Actually I'm going to go do it right now.

Alright Bif, high five.  Let's go pick on gullible for a minute, then we'll go write something.

Word!  (That's funny because I'm a writer and I write them.)


A quote from Bree Despain's March 12th presentation at the library event I spoke of earlier. "Get your 2 plus hours in daily.  You have a right to write." 
I just love that.

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