Monday, January 14, 2013

So what's next?

While Speaker of the Winds goes out and is reviewed, a process I expect to take many months, I'm going to revise Zombie Wife.
Brittany and I are really excited about this one and she believes it's my best work yet. I finally managed to pre-write a full outline before drafting the story and I have to admit it wrote the fastest.
I do have many revisions planned for it already and the second draft will be substantially improved and expanded. I expect it to grow my as much as double. Currently it's sitting just over 40,000 words, but I need it to be closer to the 80 to 90's.
I've been told the ending could be considered zombie cliche, but I see it more as zombie traditional. Still it makes me nervous, so I'm going to write an alternate ending and get some feedback from my readers. So you zombie story junkies let me know what you think when it comes around.

For now, what do you think? Does cliche, even when done well, turn you off?


Thursday, January 10, 2013

A Memory of Light

It was an adventure. Monday night I visited Provo, UT to attend the Q&A and signing of the last book in the Wheel of Time series. A Memory of Light.
Then I attended the midnight launch/signing and picked up my copy. I'd say it was a historic event. Of course, very busy for my tastes, but it was manageable  Thanks to the help of family I was only #479 out of 2100+ books sold that night in that bookstore I'm told. Which means that I was finally through the personalization line (Since the books were pre-signed.) and got to have Brandon write a brief message and take a picture.
Like the series, this book is more about all the people who put it together and support it, not just the writer. So they also had many of those people here. Harriet, Robert Jordan's wife, was at the Q&A and she also signed the books. Maria, who worked heavily in the world for continuity, and others who contributed heavily to the books production.
I got through the line around 2:30am. Brandon was already very tired and there were still hundreds of people behind me.  Probably not thousands. Most picked up their book and went home. Likely because Brandon lives locally and can personalize their book later.