Current Projects

Here are the teaser plots explaining more of what's behind those colorful progress bars over there to the right.

Chasing Tomorrow
2011, 2nd Quarter Novel
This novel is still in outline form.  I'm building a novel with big twists.  The theme or feel can be descibed as Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon meets A Beautiful Mind as written by M. Night Shyamalan and Michael Crichton.  It will be a mixture of fantasy and science fiction and a whole lot of fun.  Check back for updates.

Lightning Child-
My first novel.
When a pregnant asylum patient escapes in the middle of a ferocious storm she is struck down by lightning, but manages to give birth to her child (Issac) before she dies.  Years later Jessica, a teenage girl, struggling with integrity and walking the razors edge of her morality discovers that she can care for someone more than herself.  She injects herself into Issac's troubled life.  She quickly finds the healing power of friendship as Issac indirectly helps her heal her deteriorated relationship with her parents.
Conflict builds as an elemental power begins to find its way out of the boy.  An obsessed man who has been hunting Issac and those like him is determined to claim these powers for his own, at any cost.  In finding Issac at such a young age he believes he has found an easy target. 
Jessica discovers that Issac's life is at risk and she will have to decide if she will sacrifice her newly earned trust from her parents to risk her life to save the little boy who has given her so much.

Speaker of the Winds
Mal and Reah are hunted since birth.  Having only each other to rely upon as they were passed from safe house to safe house, they grew up in fear of the Empire that was determined to find and destroy them.  Mal is a male Speaker of the Winds, and as all men who are born speakers he has been slowly going mad his entire life.  Reah, also a speaker with a block against the control of her power, possesses a rare ability to join her consciousness with others.  She has been using this ability to keep her brother alive and protect him from being taken by the winds, thereby saving him and preventing a catastrophic disaster.   Reah, who relies upon Mal to protect her, discovers that she must find her own strength and over come her worst fears as Mal is torn from her.  In a world powered and blasted by great winds an age old battle renews and encircles its fate around these two.  Reah struggles with accepting Mals assumed death and living the feared life she has been running from.  Mal's fights against time in his attempt to find Reah before the winds corrupt his mind and take him.  He is determined to rescue Reah from her worst nightmares come true.

Path of the Immortals
The sleeping goddess of chaos opens her eyes and flexes her might against her enprisoning bonds.  Someone has attempted to summon her.
In a fantastical world that has long since seen the volitile power struggles of great magics and their users the casual inhabitance are finally awoken to the rise of a military might from islands to the east.  An old enemy raises an army to conquor the peaceful and unprepared nations.  Jacob, recently freed from years of service in a prison camp for his role in a failed political cue, stumbles across a traveling Dundan.  The ancient race thought to have entirely dissapeared shortly before the last great war of the gods over two thousand years earlier.  The Dundan queen has sent this Dundan priestess on a secret quest to discover why their generated world is falling appart, but also to hide her from wicked plots bent on destroying the entire Dundan ruling class.
Magics and their user in the east wells his strength and plots his next moves.  Nations struggle to unite under a common banner in the west.  Innocents are trampled underfoot as the eastern war lord marches his hoard across the unprepared nations of the west.
Set out to find a way to protect his people from the hoard Jacob journeys to the great capitol seeking reinforcments.  Finding an appearingly appethetic king he manages to bargain a deal.  He must first risk his life and the life of those who dare go with him on an incredible journey to defeat a medeling witch left over from the great war of the gods.  A witch who has been ploting and manipulating history for centuries for this day.  She and another unrevealed sorcerer walk the path of the immortals seeking to become gods as the great ones of the past did.  Accompaning Jacob the magestic and exotically beautiful Dundan priestess, now escorted by a corrupt royal guard determined to return her to their world, unintentionally enchants Jacobs heart.  Jacob discovers love and therefor a new reason to fight the great evil that churns against the free world.
The cold heart that awaits for him knows a secret kept from the world for thousands of years.  A secret that lies burried with Jacobs ancestors and will determine the fate of every life in his world.  The secret that if unlocked will enable him to make or break the world.