Thursday, April 7, 2011

Good Advice I'll Have To Rely On

I think blog interviews with authors are fun, but some can be disturbing and fun I've discovered.  Check out this link to the interview with Bree Despain (Author: The Dark Devine & The Lost Saint) and The Spork of Doom.  If you think that the name kind-of says it all... we'll you'd be wrong.  The weird runs deeper, much deeper, but I'll leave that to you to explore.

Regardless there is some good advice at the end of the interview that I find very useful.  Bree gives this advice frequently, so I'm going to say if it's good enough for a very successful author, then it's got to be good for me.  Goodness knows I need it.

"Great books aren't written, they're revised."  - Bree Despain.

Aside, I just love the fact she has the word aren't in her mantra.  Although I'm not known for mantra stealing, I might have to give this one a go, because it's so perfect for me.  My first draft of Lightning Child is struggling.  O.k. it's a given that it's my novel version 1.1  (Novel 1, draft 1), so it's bound to be very imperfect, but at this point I've learned just enough to be dangerous to myself.  I see how inexperienced I write, and know where I should be and even have a lot of tools/tips/advice to help get me there, I just need to write more and figure them out.  So mean time I'm editing and it HURTS!

However, now I'll be 'Revising to Greatness', because if it ain't written, it can't be revised.  (I used ain't!  giggle.)  And now I know that all those rough draft words can be revised into something that is great.

I do actually have a mantra, and I suspect it will be mine until the end of time.  'Never give up.'  I know it's not original, but it's been real for me on so many aspects in life.  It's proven true when I adhere to it.  Now I can put another mantra under my breath.  Let's just hope no one at work hears me while I chant these during my breaks.  (That's when I write.)  That could prove to be awkward.

Link here to see the interview blog by the Spork of Doom and enter to win a copy of The Lost Saint.

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