Sunday, February 26, 2012

LTUE 2012

This was such a fun conference.  It would have been even more fun this year if I hadn't been sick.  It wasn't a keep you in bed sick, or you're nearly a Zombie sick, just some where beyond that sick.

I had the great opportunity to meet some amazing authors and listen to them speak about the art and craft for three days.  This years Keynote address was by James A Owen.  I hadn't known about his work yet, but I'm so glad he was chosen as this years Guest of Honor.  He gave the most stirring speech.  It was all about choices that we make and how they add up to where we are now.  Then how we can make choices in our lives to guide our future to where we want it to be.

A lot of this can be found in his new book Drawing out the Dragons.  I managed to get it free in ebook, but it's worthy of the purchase.  Please do.

Of course there were tons of excellent panels and I could spill my notes out in great form on the blog, but that would probably only benefit me.  I might from time to time post what I learned in detail.  But here are some more highlights.

The author signing.

I finally got to meet Amber Argyle.

I pre-ordered her book in the spring last year months in advance, read it and then proceeded to have a very challenging summer/fall and then couldn't manage to travel up to her signings on the north end of the valley.  Luckily LTUE paid out it's dividends and we met.  For all of you out there who haven't read her book.  It's Witch Song.  It's a darling to read and an update from her directly is volume 2 is in edits now.  Keep your eye out for it.  I'm hoping this year.  What is Amber like?  Amber is both fun and a friend.  We never met before, but it was like we were long time friends.  I get the feeling this is who she is and that everybody gets this fine treatment.
(Notice my puffy eyes... I was dead on my feet, and it showed.)

Guess who else was there?  My friend Robin Weeks.  You may know her from the David Farlands Author Advisory Calls.  She also volunteers with LTUE and was on several panels.  She's very involved in the Utah writing community and a fine woman.  Watch out, rumor is that she's also a Lawyer. ;-)
How does she find time to write?
Regardless, I hear she's submitting right now so send out your prayers, karma or what ever it is you do, for her.  I think we're all going to be amazed.

I met so many other authors and I'll likely post about them as time goes by.  Mean while I'll post a few pics in my right side bar.

Anyone ready for LTUE 2013????  I am!  (My backside hopes they have softer chairs next time.)

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