Monday, February 20, 2012

It Takes Like 2 Seconds...

Hey friends,

O.k. I'm going to ask something of you, but it will only take a few seconds, honest, and it may net you a free book.

I've just submitted my first short story into a contest.  The thing is, I have to win this popular vote thing first if I'm even going to be considered in the contest.  Top 3 submissions based on votes plus two wild card selections will be considered for the contest.  Please click the link below and post a comment.  I'm entry #16 under my writing name LC Piper.  It's real easy and only takes two seconds.  But this is important.  You need to either sign in when you post your comment, or if you decide to post anonymous, I need you to put your email address in there for your vote to count.  I voted and it literally took 2 seconds.  Click  here...

All voters get entered into a drawing to win a book.  They have lots!  Plus if  you want you can promote the contest on your FB or Twitter or what ever and get more entries.  (But voting for me is the most important, right?)  Details are here...

So what's this all about.  Confidence.  I need a little win to motivate me.  After attending LTUE last week (big post coming in a few days with pictures) I was reminded that sometimes people fade in their dedication on huge goals if they don't allow themselves a win here and there.  I need a small goal and a small win.  A.k.a short story.

I've worked hard and I think it's really good.  Yeah, it's short, but it had to be under 750 words. It's really polished.  Brittany and I went through this with a fine tooth comb.  It's a tie-in to the Dark Divine series by Bree Despain.   Remember Bree...

I'll post her books below.

Your vote could guarantee a chance for Bree and her panel of authors to read and judge my story.  You could be the part that gives me the chance to be read and maybe even win.

If I win first place one of the prizes is a 15 page edit from Bree Despain... I can't tell you how much I'd love to win that.  I'm working on Speaker of the Winds right now and I could really use the help from a published professional author.

Well, thank you for your time today and wish me luck by casting your vote.  Heck if you've got 15 minutes, give my story a read.  Once the contest is over I'll post it here as well. Mean time, I created a few book covers.  Which one do you prefer?

Thank you.
Here are Bree Despain's published and soon to be released books.

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