Saturday, July 10, 2010

Things In Their Places

Organize it!

It might make a lot of sense in your mind, but getting it to come out how it feels in you is a big difference. Using a method of your own, or one of the many other writing organization concepts available might just be the single most important catalyst to get you from writer wanna be to published author.

I can't tell you just how mind opening it was for me to accept and start using one of these methods of organization. Once I studied this it was such an eye opening thunder strike from above I couldn't believe that i had never thought of it before my self.

Really, my biggest stumbling blocks were lack of organization, motivation/inspiration when I can write, and time to write. Knocking off one of the three has improved my odds or finishing my own novel by 33%. That's significant!

The method I chose is called the Snowflake Method. Randy put this together and if you google it, you'll find it real easy. He offers to sell his book and software, but he also gives you the whole method free right on his website. He also sends out other media, emails, e-zine and other stuff. All of which is nice, but it's mostly intended to market his product to you. Still that said, the service he has given to me is awesome. Thanks Randy!!!

I'll go into details on the process, later but I won't break out all the steps... That's really Randy's bag not mine. But here is the gist of it.

You write a tiny one sentence statement of the story. Which you re-write into a 4 sentence paragraph, which then grows to.... and so on. Then you write character sentence, then paragraph, then ... so on. you see how you are getting organized and how all the spaces are filling in.

Once you're done, you have every scene broken down and ready to write.

Have fun!

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