Saturday, July 10, 2010

The Moment

The best moments to write are when you are wrapped in deep emotion and inspiration. I've found that I can embrace this best when I am developing characters. I'll start by revisiting my character profiles and launch from there. Also I like to listen to a song that I feel holds a similar energy that this character posesses.

It's a beautiful thing to create something. The way the ideas grow in your mind out of thoughts, they turn in to nearly real persons. If you leave them be for a while you start to miss them.

I suggest you find out what things you do that makes your imagination sing, and then reproduce that as best you can when you write.

Then write about the story and characters as much as you can. Don't let it just be in your head. If it's not written then you're just a thinker. Getting it out onto the computer screen or page, reguardless to your elequance or penmanship is what this is all about. Writers write. There are no exceptions.

Once you've gotten it all out, great. Next you need to orgonize it... really. Creativity is no excuse for a messy mind... or room for that matter. Clean it up.

I'll talk about what method I'm using next time.

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