Friday, July 9, 2010

Getting Started.

In the beginning there was light... and in order for there to be more a whole lot of hard work had to happen. These worlds just don't build themselves!

I am what most writers start as. I have wanted to write a published work, (preferably a novel) ever since I was a child in grade school. There have been hundreds of false starts. Now I've grown a bit and I feel it is long past time to make it happen. So I believe I'm beginning a journey that will take me to my goal and beyond into a new career.... many, many years later I'm sure. But I won't quit even if I have to be self published! Hoorah!

My posts will be at random as is my creative brain. I will post things as they occur to me. Mostly so I don't forget, but also so I can share, because I believe in sharing I create accountability. If someone out there, sees what I've said I'll do then I must do it. Help make me accountable to achieve this goal. Follow my words and feel free to spur me on when I slack. Maybe you'll even find some interest in what I have to write.

I'll be posting images from time to time when I'm trying to tie in a visual element, but most of my posts will be in writing.

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