Friday, August 5, 2011

Writing Space Update

I know this isn't exactly about writing more than it is interior decorating, but I thought I had to share.
I've updated my den with some inspirational writings and motto's/themes.
Here are some pictures.
The Relentless Persistence is my theme or motto.  So I placed it right above my writing area.  The rest of the inspirational phrases are peppered throughout the room so I can look them over.  To the left there are some posative affirmations as well.

'Open your mind.'  In a place I should be creating, it's helpful to have that reminder that it's not all coming from me.

I really like this one.  In the morning (because it's dark when I get up to write) I get to see the suns glow build through this window.  That's quite nice.  Then the glow shines up over this one and it looks quite heavenly.
"All things are possible to him that believeth. - Mark 9:23

I was just reading over some of my old blog posts and I don't even remember entering one of them.  I think these 4am writting sessions are starting to get to me.  ;-)

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