Sunday, August 21, 2011

..because I have to show and tell

It's here.  After months of waiting with it on pre-order I finally get to sit down and start enjoying my first Amber Argyle novel.
Here's my brag photo.  I wanted to get a shot up on the hill over off UT-111 with me and then Magna, UT behind me, but as it turns out a storm was blowing in (not all that uncommon).  The dust had picked up and Magna would just have been a big brown splotch so I settled for a front yard photo.

I'm squinting because their are close to 35mph winds and dust was blowing in my eyes.

I'm so glad to have recieved this on the weekend. Now I can slip in a few chapters here and there.

I'm excited.  I'll keep my progress updated on Goodreads if you're interested. 

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