Sunday, March 6, 2011

Paths On Hold

I never explained this, but around mid-October, 2010, I decided to put my first novel (series) attempt 'Path Of The Immortals' on hold. I received some great advice that I was way to close to the story to write it. You know the reason, I'd been dying to write it my whole life, but didn't until now and now I'm not just good enough to do it justice so I risk quiting or spending years on one novel. I decided to start Nanowrimo with a new novel in November. So my first novel became, 'Lightning Child'. It was something that I could write, even if badly, and I wouldn't offend myself when I wrote it badly.

I've since moved on to my second novel which is nearly complete, 'Speaker of the Winds'. It's really great, a bit challenging and has some risky decisions. The kind that I hope I don't offend your sensibilities with, but it's just a fun emotional journey.

I'll be wrapping this up in a week or so, putting it aside and working on Lightning Child's first few rounds of edits, so that I can get it out to my Alpha readers. A.K.A. My loving wife and a few friends who dared me.

I've commit ed to write 4 novels this year. That's one written and edited every quarter. (I'm just beginning to grasp just how crazy that is. Oh well, I'm new I can get away with it.)

I'll pick up Paths later probably next year 2012 mid-year. I need to get some of the green out of my gills first.

Today I updated a few things to the blog. Progress trackers (that's cool!), celebrity photo's, and a new banner.
Here is the old one.

I'd like to shift the branding over to my name, since the blog is about me and my writing journey, not the one book, but I'm afraid of my url changing so I'll research that some more first.

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