Thursday, March 10, 2011

One Day You'll Thank Me

LTUE, Life the Universe and Everything, writing convention was very exciting for me. Writing conventions have always been to expensive for me to even consider, however this one, put on at BYU, was very affordable and worth much more than the meager $25 they wanted to charge me for my visit.

After three full days of excellent panels and lecture I came away with a much better understanding of writing and a whole composition pad of notes to review. I have to admit, that I'll probably forget more than I'll remember about what was presented at LTUE.
One great experience, and bit funny for me was the Key Note address.
James Dashner, guest of honor, presented his Key Note on the third day of the event in February of 2011. I personally loved it's title: "The most boring Keynote Ever!" For which it was anything but boring.

Having attended the previous three hours of panel discussions in the same room I had managed to secure a seat right up front. Which for a fellow with long legs is extremely desirable.

Just before the key note one of the LTUE staff (and I believe she may have been a panelist as well) visited with me. She asked about the seat next to me. At the time there weren't a lot of other participants there so I placed my coat, bag and things on the seat next to me a few hours earlier. Realizing it was there and taking up a seat as the auditorium was filling I apologized and removed them and happily stated, yes, these two seats next to me are open.
The kind woman paused for a moment longer than expected. Not being the sharpest stick in the bunch I hadn't yet realized from the glowing pink badge around her neck that she was one of the LTUE members and was probably asking, without saying it, for me to move.
I later discovered the poor girl was trying to place some VIP's up front, and that I wasn't one of those. ;-)
Turns out she was trying to place Bree Despain and Brodi Ashton. Not being as savvy as I am now I recognized Bree because the day before she was on a panel that I attend and I managed to get a photo with her then.

So this kind woman brought the fine ladies to their seats and as she left she patted my knee and said, "One day you'll thank me for sitting you next to Brodi Ashton."

I said hi to Bree, and spoke briefly with Brodi who sat directly to my left. At the time all she said was that we was a writer (aren't we all, so I didn't press the point with questions) and she asked about myself. I told her in short about my current project and the keynote began.

As it ended I asked her again about her book (Everneath), but saw that they had paces to go so I excused my self, but I did learn that it is based on the Greek myth of Persephone. My memory fades from there, but link here to find out more about it. It comes out winter of 2012.

Thank you mystery lady!
p.s. I've got an idea who you were but didn't want to embarrass my self any further by getting it wrong.

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  1. Brodi and Bree are awesome. I'm excited for her book.