Monday, September 23, 2013

A Season of Storms is in Submissions

I worried that the day would never come, but I have decided it's arrived. I'm moving my pursuit of this dream career into it's next phase. I'm now a submitting writer.
I've sent out query letters to 8 or so agents. I'm drafting up a 2 page synopsis and I'll be submitting to a few more with this additional requirement.
Like anything writerly, this is a slow and painful process filled with rejection and insecurity... so I'm not holding my breath. Once I get through a dozen or so more query's I'll send my manuscript to a publisher. For that you typically can only send one out at a time, which is good because it's like $20 a pop. That usually runs 3 to 18 months to hear back. Leaning on the latter end of the window. So, the rule of thumb is to not hold one's breath and keep writing.

In other news, I'm seriously contemplating building my own blog site to feature both my writing and my art. I'm very tempted to do this and then after a year or so trial out a series release of one of my novels with art in a weekly format... we'll see how that goes when the time comes.

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  1. Up to a dozen agent queries. Four rejections. Two form rejections, one three word cursory haughty laugh. The fourth a simple not for me.