Wednesday, April 3, 2013

It's v.s. Its

I know it's simple right?
Yet it seems that my brain only see's it's when I'm drafting. So I have to do an entire edit sweep to fix those. So I did and I finished it this morning.
I've finished my regular edits and formatting edits. So that just leaves a few theme updates to tie into the new title and I'll be passing the novel on to my alpha reader. A.k.a. Brittany, my wife.
While she's reading it I'll add in some more description. You know, because God's in the details.
I miss a lot of that in my first drafts. Describing colors, smells, sight and other things I see in my head but it didn't hit the page. Having the draft clean and in order will allow me to smooth out pacing, make those last few connections I missed, and bring out the details that will immerse the reader into the story and help them feel like they are the characters.
Have I told you how excited I am about this story?
I really like it and think it represents a vast growth in my writing from 'speaker' to this one.

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