Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Zombie Wife Now In Manuscript Edits

This morning I put Zombie Wife into Manuscript format. Actually it's half way there. By tomorrow it it will be fully imported. Then I'll start the mega edit pass-through. A spelling, grammer, final notes, duplicate word usage, over usage, and anything else I can think of edit.
I also have a strong theme adjustment to impliment which will modify and maybe even build out a few scenes. But I need it in one document to do this. Also, this edit will enable me to rename the title effectively. Which is important. I've been wanting a title from the beginning that felt very 1960's end of the world experience novel feel like 'on the beach'. 
I have a few thoughts, but no commitments:
A Season of Storms
Summers Thunder
Waking Angel

Something like that.
What ever I choose, I'll run it past my beta readers to see what they think.
Zombie Wife works on an accuracy level, but I feel it was a quick pick so I could just get to writing already. I want a title that evokes passion and memory. My experience with titles like this is that it's like an incomplete story. It starts a rememberance and makes a promise that especially when remembered post novel reading evokes emotional memories. It can be tough at start, but later pays off.

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