Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Stepping Outside

I'm just over the half way mark chapter count wise on my revision of Speaker of the Winds. This has been a real growing experience for me and no doubt there is more room to grow. Still I'm very excited to finish and get it printed and shipped to my brave Beta readers.

I should have done that by now, and I've been missing that step for most of this year.  I allowed myself the opportunity to write two more novels when I should have been in revisions of this one. Personal weakness, I'm sure. I love the thrill of a new story and drafting it out.  Watching the characters come to life in my mind is very fun and enticing when you're trying to break through a wall with your current story.

My goal is to be finished with my revision by the end of the year and have it shipped out within the first few weeks of 2013. Then hopefully I'll have all feedback in and completed and shipped out to my first publisher submission by mid year. Then it's query agents time.

That's probably looking too far out. For this morning, it's writing time.

But before I do, I think I need to make my way over to the theater site and buy me a ticket to The Hobbit.

Have fun writing!

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