Friday, October 28, 2011

The Unremembered Give-Away

The Unremembered, by Peter Orullian, a Give Away.

It's O.k.  Get excited!

TOR has graciously donated this copy of The Unremembered for me to give away.  I'll be taking submissions for the give away from now until December 5th, 2011.  (So that if you want to gift this for Christmas you'll have time to do so.)

The point system will be simple and allow you extra opportunities if you'd like to expend a bit more effort for a better chance to win.  (I'll only be shipping to United States addresses for this give away.)

To enter the give away:  Post a comment saying that you're interested in the give away.  This is worth one point.  Bonus points available below.  Share with me your total points in your comment please.
  • One Bonus Point:  Share point.  Use the tags (Twitter, Facebook, etc) below this blog post to tell everyone about this give away.  You can also use any other social network on your own.
  • One Bonus Point:  Referral point.  Did you refer someone who joined in the give away?  Post a comment after their comment to claim a referral point. 
  • One Bonus Point: Bloggers Pet Point.  You can follow my blog or twitter for one point each.  (This is really easy.  Use the 'Join this site' link over on the right sidebar under Followers or 'follow me on twitter' at the bottom of the Twitter Updates panel in the right sidebar.)
*Please be sure to comment about your points if you have any updates so I won't miss them.  
I do need to contact you if you win.  Please click here to fill out the contact form.  If you win I'll contact you for your address.  The winner will need to reply to their award contact with a postal address within 3 days of the award notification.

That's it!  See, really easy.

If you want to know more about Peter, you can click here to visit his awesome website.  Or here to read about when I met him this last summer.  Even if you don't win, I hope you check his book out or buy a copy.

Have you heard of The Unremembered yet?  Let me tell you a little about it.
The Unremembered is an epic fantasy.  Epic fantasy doesn't have to mean big fat fantasy book, but this time it does.  Hooray!  The Unremembered is 669 pages in this hard bound First Edition, that I'm giving away.  It takes place in an original world (Aeshau Vaal).  You'll discover it has it's own powerful life and mood.  It is full of great histories and powerful legends.  If you visit Peter's website, linked above, you'll find teaser videos that will introduce you to the characters in the novel, some history and some vital plot points.
The story begins as a great threat rises through rumor.  The people who would fight that threat pull themselves out of their simple lives, some at a significant cost, to quell it.
Take a journey with me into a world that can swallow you whole and spit you out at 3am in the morning wondering where the night went.  Open the pages of The Unremembered today.


  1. Hi there. Nice to meet you! I shared the contest on Twitter and I'm now following you both here and on Twitter, so if I can count that's four points for me. Great giveaway. I have been wanting to read this book. I met Peter at CONduit last May.

  2. I follow you on Twitter and your blog. Plus I tweeted and FBed. That's 3 pts?
    Also, you should link this to I am a Reader not a writer's linky list (google it). You'll get lots more entries.

  3. Looks like a great book. Thanks! I'm a new follower on this blog and twitter. Is that three points? :) thanks.

  4. Angie, Great to meet you also. Welcome to the blog. Isn't Peter just a cool down to earth kind of guy? Great to have you here.

    Amber, thanks for your advice. I will do! Thank you for your support. (Sorry I can't miss the chance. Everyone should check out her new book Witch Song. It's fast becoming a family favorite over here. )

    Mindy, indeed it is. This book is one of those that is so mood setting, it will suck you into it before you realize, then leave your mind buzzing about the world when you have to put it down. For a sample while you're waiting try out his blog links above or

    Thank you everyone for joining the giveaway and following me. You're all top-notch high class kinds of people! Good luck!

  5. Thanks so much...I haven't heard of this book but would love to try it!!

    posted on FB

    GFC Michele Luker

    jmluker at winco dot net

  6. Oops. Man fingers + tiny android screen = confusion as to why they put delete so close to publish in comment moderation.

    Sorry Amber. You get + 1 for referring Michelle.

    Thx to both of you.

  7. I added this title to my to-be-read list sometime ago and would love to have a copy. I am now a follower, and I posted about this on Facebook ( which would be 2 whole points, right?

  8. Hi Alden, that's right 2 points, but you do get another for your comment. So 3. I'll comb through this all before I put the points into the drawing. Thanks for following my blog and sharing the give away.

  9. New books are always nice!
    I follow you on twitter and follow your blog (RSS feed).
    Do I get a bonus point for constantly harassing you for book recommendations(all good so far)?

  10. Lisa, you are a wonderful friend, never a harassment. I give you 1 million good friends points instantly redeemable as a warm cozy friendship feeling. :-)
    Thx for following my blog and joining the give away. Did I say you were awesome?